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Cumbria in Bloom is a charitable organisation whose objectives are the promotion, improvement and understanding of horticulture, floriculture and environmental issues for the benefit of the inhabitants of Cumbria.


We do this through the involvement of the community, and by holding a communities based competition.


Cumbria in Bloom has been in existence since 1983, and since that time has largely been funded by grants from the City, Borough, District and County Councils.

In order that we can increase our efforts to spread the benefits to the local communities of taking part in the "in Bloom"; competition we have applied for and been awarded charitable status with effect from the 5th February 2007 (registered no 1117828).

We are now able to offer new ways for organisations and individuals to provide contributions to support the charity. We have introduced a membership scheme that enables interested parties to keep in touch with the activities of the charity, and, for certain grades, to be able to vote at General Meetings.


Individual members can be elected to the Executive Committee when a vacancy occurs.  Trustees do not necessarily have to be on the Management Committee and visa versa.

Each community entering the competition can nominate one person to be a member for the year of entry.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Cumbria in Bloom, please contact our administrator, Liz Auld.


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