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Entry Fees


Large City 35,001 to 100,000
Large Town/Small City 12,001 to 35,000
Town Population 6,001 to 12,000
Small Town Population 2,501 to 6,000


  £60 Entry Fee

  2016 Entry Form - pdf




Large Village Population 1,001 to 2,500
Village Population 301 to 1,000
Small Village Population 151 to 300


£30 Entry Fee

2016 Entry Form - pdf      Guidelines - pdf



Population up to 150


£10 Entry Fee

2016 Entry Form - pdf      Guidelines - pdf

Population categories are according to the electoral roll.

The entrance fee for the competition includes membership of Cumbria in Bloom for 12 months (one person to be nominated as the representative member for each entrant). Please see the Members page for details.

An additional benefit for each entrant is the facility to build a page on this website to display up to 6 photographs and a short description of your area. Click on the Your Area tab above for more details.

The closing date for the Cumbria Tourism competition entries is the 30th April 2016. 

For more details, or to get an entry form please contact the Administrator:

Mrs Elizabeth Auld






CA5 7BA. 

Tel: 01228 710128

Email: Elizabeth Auld



School Gardening Competition 2015

School Gardening Competition 2014


Results 2015

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Neighbourhood Forum Grants form
There may be Neighbourhood Forum grants available to entrants.  Please click here to see how to apply.


Cumbria Tourism have donated 3 trophies to Cumbria In Bloom to be awarded to the tourist industry entrants.  These are:

  • The Rose Bowl,

  • The Jackie Sanderson Trophy, and

  • CTB Chairman's Trophy.

Entries are now being taken and the entry form can be obtained by clicking the link below.  Please return the form to the Administrator:


Mrs Elizabeth Auld







Tel: 01228 710128

Email:   Elizabeth Auld


2016 CT Entry Form (pdf)


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It's Your Neighbourhood Awards

The RHS's It's Your Neighbourhood Award has now been introduced in addition to the main competition as a new and unique initiative for small, resident-led communities just starting out on the ‘greening up’ of their local areas. The scheme assists and rewards communities making improvements in local streets and open green spaces for the benefit of local people. This is an important step in extending the “in Bloom” ethic to either parts of existing entrants’ locality that have been neglected, or to new potential entrants who aspire to improve their local environment.

The It's Your Neighbourhood Awards are non-competitive, welcoming groups taking the first steps towards community regeneration. While entries are not judged against each other, they are visited by environmental and horticultural ‘in Bloom’ experts over the summer months who provide valuable feedback and helpful advice on how to develop current activities and encourage on-going improvements. Following the visit, each community will receive either an Award of Improvement, Merit or Outstanding Achievement, depending on the extent to which participants have met the It's Your Neighbourhood Award aims.

Neighbourhoods will typically be resident led groups, aiming to achieve long-term improvements to their local area through horticultural, environmental and cleanliness initiatives. There will be substantial involvement from the community and projects will be on a small scale and with a limited budget. Neighbourhoods may well be, or have been, areas of regeneration with challenges to overcome such environmental problems as litter, graffiti, vandalism, poor maintenance, fly-tipping, fly-posting, derelict housing and/or derelict land.

For an excellent guide to the competition specifications, please link through to the RHS web site. More helpful links are lower on that page, so read all the way down.

We encourage your involvement in this new initiative.

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Special Awards 2016

Cumbria in Bloom wishes to recognise the outstanding contributions that people are making to further the aims of the competition.

‘Special Awards’ are being given to selected categories for ‘Outstanding Contributions’ towards an entry into the Cumbria in Bloom competition. Only one entry can be accepted from each category.

Nominations must be made by the organising ‘In Bloom’ group and handed to the judges on arrival. Please plan the route to give time for special category nominations to be judged during the visit.

The special categories are:


Entries may include, farm, caravan site, pet care centre, business Park, chemical and heavy industry, creative workshop.

Displays should be visible to the passing public and to visitors to the industry.

Nominations should be selected for high quality maintenance, good and original design, and visual impact. Displays can be formed from hard and soft landscaping, planting of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and annuals. Areas that are maintained to promote conservation can be included.


Entries may include banks, offices, shops, public houses, cafes, and restaurants.

Judges will look for impact on the street scene and themes that show good colour, design, and quality.

Hanging basket and container displays must be kept watered, weeded, and tidy.

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Residential Homes

Judges will look for good design layout of garden that allows easy access for residents use. Gardens should be interesting and combining good form, shape, and colour. Paths should be clean and well maintained and appropriate attention be given to lawns, hedges, and plants. Special features (ponds, shelters, bird table, pergolas, arbours, seats, etc.) will be considered in the overall impact marks.

Young People in Bloom Award

This award is for schools and young people group's (up to 18 years of age) who make a significant contribution to their local "In Bloom" entry.

See the Young People in Bloom page for details.


This award is to encourage the biodiversity that can be found within the churchyard and ecclesiastical buildings.

Special Category

This is awarded to any outstanding display that is not covered by the above headings or the tourist board categories.

The entries could be, a community garden, a street or part of a street, a group of shops/offices, a private garden in a prime location, any community project that supports the aims of Cumbria in Bloom.

Nominations in this category must be of a high quality and must complement the local In Bloom entry.


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